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November 2005

Day 16

sunny 35 °C

Today we drove from the Zebrabar in St. Louis to Dakar.
It was a 4 hour drive in convoi accompanied by a customs officer to Lac Rose, near Dakar.
We arrived around 3 at a beautiful resort and everyone was happy to have made it.
At night we went to a nightclub and finally made it home around 6 this morning. It was a party well deserved!

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Day 15

sunny 35 °C

Nouakchott to Zebrabar, St. louis.
Crossed the border from Mauritanie to Senegal which took 5 hours and 125 euro.....
Arrived at the Zebrabar campsite very late, but dinner was ready and cold beer was served!

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Day 14

sunny 35 °C

We waited for the tide to lower and drove for a while on the beach. That was really cool, but ufortunately we could not continue because of large rocks and sand.



We left the beach and continued on a brand new road which had just been paved between Nouadhibou and Nouakchot. It was an unbelievable stretch of road, 4 lanes and absolutely no traffic.
In Nouakchott we camped at Auberge Sahara, a homestay at the border of town, run by a French couple, very nice!

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Day 13

sunny 35 °C

Drove through the Sahara all day.



The scenery changed a lot of times, and at the end of the afternoon we had to cross 3 large sand dunes. We all got stuck a couple of times and had to dig, push and swear ouselves out of the sand.
At night we arrived in a fishing village near the sea where we set up camp and the local wives cooked us fried fish heads with chips, very McDonalds......

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Day 11 + 12

sunny 35 °C

Left Nouahdhibou around noon and headed for the desert.
First fueled up the van and 4 jerrycans and bought loads of water and snacks to last us for 3 days.
Drove into the desert for about 3 hours and set up camp right next to a sand dune.



At night we introduced our guide to carbid schieten which was a lot of fun. Our guide & Jim grilled us some sheep on the campfire.


The next day we drove a long day through the Sahara, saw hundreds of camels and got stuck a couple of times. It seemed our guide sent us by purpose into soft sand spots, but ofcourse we'd make him pay by helping us push the car out of the sand!


Halfway during the afternoon, the rear axle bolts of the Frisian Team Ee snapped and it took till sunset before fixed it. The bolts probably snapped beause of the huge amount of weight these guys carried with them. Enough food to feed the whole of Africa for a year ;-) and a complete spare engine. The rest of the teams all took over a bit of their weight for the rest of the Sahara trip.


Because of the time we had to set up camp right next to the nearest sanddune. Together with another team that stopped to help us we build a big campfire with the wood we collected during the afternoon.


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