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Day 21 - Last day.....

sunny 38 °C

Our last day of the trip....tonight we'll fly out of Banjul around midnight and arrive in Amsterdam around 7 in the morning.
This afternoon we will relax at the beach and organize a BBQ for some other teams.
I will post some more pictures this weekend.
See you later!

BBQ was nice, a couple of teams showed up and we had a nice afternoon in the sun. Played soccer with some local boys that we sponsored with a Nicky's Inn T-shirt. At the end of the day we were all stuck in the sand and those boys helped us pushing and pulling the cars out of the sand. It was a nice day to end this trip!

Our flight was delayed by 2 hours so we left Gambia around 2 in the morning and arrived in Holland around 9.



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Day 20

sunny 38 °C

We brough a lot of clothing and toys from Holland and today we went to a nurseryschool and a hospital to donate it.
Firstly Eric took us to Madiana Nurserey School, a project they worked on.
About 150 kids were there and we gave them some pens and backpacks. It was very fun to see them screaming the alphabet and english sentences.



After that we went to Brufut Hospital where we gave the kids some toys and teddybears. The clothing is given to a head nurse who will judge if parents with new born babies need it. On monday lots of kids will also come to get injections so then they will donate the rest of the toys.



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Day 19

sunny 35 °C

Because we arrived so late yesterday, the official welcome was today.
It was held at the President's Arch in Banjul. Normally only the president's Hummer is allowed through the arch, but today we were too!!



Many Gambian people welcomed us and danced and played traditional music.


The Vice President and the First Lady were there to congratulate and thank us for donating our cars.


It was a big cheerful event!
At night we went out for dinner with Eric and Michelle and met some other teams with whom we went out for some drinks and dance(r)s.

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Day 18

sunny 35 °C

Left Lac Rose around noon in convoi towards the Gambian border. Customs were easy this time as we were guided by a Senegalese douanier. We caught the ferry across the Gambian river at 10pm and arrived in Banjul around 11pm. Eric and Michelle from Stichting Bouwen were waiting for us and together we went to the SeneGambia district for dinner, drinks and an early night at their place. The rest of the teams stayed at a campsite near Kartung or a hotel.

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Day 17

sunny 35 °C

Today was a relaxing day at the Campement Du Lac Rose. We spend some hours by the sea and the swimmingpool recovering from the party last night.
Around three we took a taxi to Dakar to see something from the old centre. Our taxidriver gave us a quick citytour and we upated the website in an internetcafe.
On our way back the steeringrack broke and our taxi couldn't steer anymore. Luckily we were in a trafficjam so no accident happened. We thought it would take a long time to fix this problem so we went to a cafe to grab some food and drinks and told the driver he could pick us up once finished.......he picked us up withing 10 minutes.....it was a scary idea to get back in that car!
At night the guys from Team Ee made some noise again by shooting Carbid and we hung out by the poolside till late.

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