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Day 7

sunny 25 °C

Not much to tell....
Right now we are in Layoune, almost in the Sahara.....
Hopefully we can post more updates soon.

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Day 6

sunny 25 °C

Just after noon we went to a VW garage to look for some parts for our gearbox. Unfortunately it was siesta and we had to wait till 14.30
During our wait we visited the old centre of Marrakech.
When we went back to garage they did not have the parts and sent us to another shop. They had what we needed and recommended us a garage that could fit the parts.
We decided to have it done and we were glad we did. It took 6 mechanics, 4 hours and 1800 Dirham, but impossible to do ourselves in the Sahara....
We left Marrakech at 21.00 and caught up with some other teams at about 02.00 in the morning.

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Day 5

sunny 20 °C

This morning we spent a few in the Fes markets, visited a place in the old city centre where they prepared camel hides and make almost anything from leather...smelly place!
During our city tour we found a mechanic who topped the gearbox oil and added a magic substitute that should solve all our clutch and gearbox problems....
Saved us from getting greasy armpits!
At this moment we are entering the Atlas mountains, snow again....
Halfway during the afternoon the weather became really nice and with a few other teams we had a roadside picknick.
Our goal was to reach Marrakech which was still a long drive. We finally arrived there around midnight and caught up with all the other teams.

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Day 4

snow 8 °C

What a day, What a day.....
When we got off the boat in Ceuta, we headed for the Moroccan border... After an enormous hassle of car registration, visa and bureaucratic theatre, we entered a different world....
From Tetouan we took the road into the Riff Mountains and believe it or not, but it can snow in Africa.
It really was like driving through the Alpes. The main differnce is that instead of skiing, they seem to make a living by selling hashies....although you wonder who is buying as they are all selling.
After a very slow drive trough the mountains we arrived in Fes where most of the teams set up camp on a campsite just ten minutes from city-centre. We decided to drive into town with a guide who brought us to an amazing typical Moroccan restaurant/villa.
Great food!

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Heading for Morocco

sunny 20 °C

After a good night sleep in Hotel Las Camelias, Sotogrande, we left around 8 to carch the ferry to Morocco. We should arrive there in about 45 min.
Then we'll take the alternative route to Fes, which means the "hard" route. Yes, we have a lot of faith in our bus.
Hopefully we can give you a positive update tonight from the idyllic town Fes.


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